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May 28, 2023

Man of Steel Cast: Where They Are Today

Man of Steel introduced a new Superman to the world and gathered a star-studded cast to tell Clark Kent's origin story. Here's where the cast is now. Man of Steel was the film that kicked off a

Man of Steel introduced a new Superman to the world and gathered a star-studded cast to tell Clark Kent's origin story. Here's where the cast is now.

Man of Steel was the film that kicked off a promising era of DC movies, introducing a new Superman to the world and a brilliant ensemble cast that would make important appearances in movies such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. The film came out in 2013, 10 years before the DCU decided to head in a different direction and announce Superman: Legacy, which will count on David Corenswet as the new Clark Kent.

In Man of Steel, Clark Kent leads a peaceful life on Earth after fleeing from a dying Krypton, only to soon be surprised by visitors of his world in search of chaos and ruin. Focusing on the origins of the hero and the goals that motivate him, the movie offers great character study and a star-studded cast that perfectly embody iconic characters from the comics. Here's where the Man of Steel cast is today.

Although the Man of Steel sequel ended up being scrapped, Henry Cavill delivered memorable sequences as the Superman in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and, of course, Zack Snyder's Justice League. Leaving the Superman suit behind, Cavill's most popular role nowadays has to be Geralt of Rivia in the TV show The Witcher, which joins the video game series of the same name as another successful adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowsk's fantasy books.

However, with Cavill leaving the show due to creative differences and the DCU entering an uncertain new phase, the actor is now open to new opportunities. Since Man of Steel came out, Cavill also played one of the main antagonists in Mission: Impossible - Fallout, regarded as the best entry in Tom Cruise's action franchise. Other well-known roles include Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes and Marshall in Night Hunter.

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Amy Adams, Man of Steel's Lois Lane, has been busy since the film came out, even scoring two Oscar nominations in the meantime: one for Lead Actress in the dramedy American Hustle and the other for Supporting Actress in Vice. She starred in other highly acclaimed movies such as Denis Villeneuve's Arrival, Nocturnal Animals, and returned as Giselle in Disenchanted, released in 2022, the long-anticipated sequel to the Disney movie Enchanted.

Nevertheless, Adams' most popular role in recent years was one that took her out of her comfort zone: Camille Preaker, the protagonist of HBO's limited series Sharp Objects, a must-watch for those who love a good murder mystery. Her performance as the flawed, yet determined Camille earned Adams a deserved Emmy nomination.

Man of Steel wasn't the last time fans saw Michael Shannon's General Zod. The Superman archenemy made a crucial appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and, 10 years later, returned for a cameo in The Flash. In the time span of a decade, Shannon starred in over 20 movies in a variety of roles that range from a Russian crime lord to Elvis Presley himself.

Shannon is best known for playing Nelson van Alden in the crime show Boardwalk Empire, but he took part in many prominent releases lately, including the Oscar-winner The Shape of Water, the fast-paced Bullet Train, and Rian Johnson's iconic Knives Out, which earned a legacy sequel in 2022 without Shannon in the cast.

General Zod's loyal commander of the Kryptonian military, Faora-Ul, was played by Antje Traue. She's a German actress whose specialty is TV, and she's best known for playing Agnes Nielsen in Netflix's hit show Dark, a supernatural thriller about time travel and parallel realities. Traue recently dedicated her career to other German productions, distancing herself from Hollywood for a while, but made an appearance as Faora-UI in 2023's The Flash alongside General Zod.

Kevin Costner's reputation precedes him, and he lived the peak of his career years before playing Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel, starring in classic movies such as The Untouchables, JFK, and Waterworld. As of now, Costner is the frontman of the Western drama Yellowstone, which revolves around a ranching family that must fight for their land. The actor plays John Dutton, the family's patriarch and the owner of the biggest cattle ranches in Montana.

On the big screen, Costner's most recent projects were The Highwaymen, the story of the detectives who brought down Bonnie and Clyde, and Let Him Go, in which Costner reunited with his Man of Steel screen partner Diane Lane.

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Diane Lane is yet another veteran actress in the cast of Man of Steel, and she played the role of Martha Kent alongside Costner's Jonathan Kent. In addition to Lane's recent project with Costner co-starring, Let Him Go, a 2020 movie about a couple setting out to find their grandson, the actress starred in Y: The Last Man, a post-apocalyptical series about the last surviving male human on the planet, and briefly appeared in the TV show Extrapolations as Martha Russell.

Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the Metropolis newspaper the Daily Planet, was played by Laurence Fishburne. The actor is most commonly known for playing Morpheus in The Matrix trilogy, but his most popular role in recent years is the Bowery King, a recurring character in the John Wick franchise. He was introduced in John Wick: Chapter 2 and appeared as a supporting character in the third and fourth installments, the latter being one of the best action movies of 2023. Additionally, Fishburne was a regular in the TV show black-ish from 2014 to 2022, when the show aired its final season. ​​​​​​​

Russell Crowe played Clark Kent's biological father in Man of Steel, a brilliant Kryptonian scientist who ends up being killed by General Zod, but not before sending his powerful son to safety. Crowe is one of the few actors who had prominent roles in both the DCU and the MCU, as he recently joined the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder in the role of the Greek god Zeus. In the same year, he starred in Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher, The Greatest Beer Run Ever, and Poker Face.

In 2023, Crowe played the main character in the heavily discussed The Pope's Exorcist, one of the most popular horror movies of the year despite the mixed reactions from the critics and the public audience. The film's success led to a sequel announcement, and Crowe is expected to return as Father Gabriele Amorth.

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