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Feb 04, 2024

Zbanx discount on new QIDI Tech X

QIDI Tech, a Chinese advanced 3D printer company specializing in all-in-one FDM printer R&D and production, has unveiled their new X-SMART3 printer. Offering affordable high-speed printing, this

QIDI Tech, a Chinese advanced 3D printer company specializing in all-in-one FDM printer R&D and production, has unveiled their new X-SMART3 printer. Offering affordable high-speed printing, this latest machine adds to QIDI Tech’s established and growing FDM portfolio. Available now through ZBANX, customers can save $150 when using our dedicated link, bringing the price to just $449.

Founded in 2014, QIDI Tech company develops high quality FDM machines out of their R&D center and laboratory facilities. From their 15,000 square meters workshop and a 1,000 square meter R&D center, QIDI produces 50,000 3D printers annually. Priding itself on its professional R&D team, QIDI also offers quick after-sales service through its dedicated after-sales team.

Possessing rich experience within OEM and ODM, QIDI also owns a number of patents and software copyrights, with all their products having MET safety quality certification, and CF, FCC and ROHS certifications. QIDI has already established long-term international ties with strategic partners such as Amazon and WalMart. Indeed, QIDI Tech is the first Chinese 3D printer supplier to work with Amazon directly.


The X-SMART3 is a cost-effective, entry-level, 3D printer. The machine offers fast printing speeds of up to 500mm/s (with scalable capability), whilst also possessing an acceleration 20,000mm/s2 and an extruder flow rate of 30mm2/s. These speeds increase productivity, production efficiency and time savings, with less overall usage time reducing environmental impact. The printer also offers a 20% improvement in print accuracy over the previous generation MAX2 modelThese impressive speeds enable the X-SMART3 to print a high-quality 3D Benchy model in just 15 minutes, with a QIDI Benchy configuration file available for users who wish to try this out on their own machine. It is recommended that users use a copper alloy nozzle with their machines when conducting the Benchy print, to achieve optimal high-speed printing results.

The SMART3 includes a print size of 180*180*170mm, making it suitable for the printing needs of most users. The X-SMART3 also includes a CoreXY structure, klipper firmware, 64-bit processor, resonance compensation and auto-leveling, making it a very high quality offering for such a small price. Moreover, the whole system is shipped together, making for an easy installation process.

The machine’s CoreXY structure incorporates a TMC2209 silent drive, reducing noise and inertia and improving motion speed. QIDI Tech has also incorporated upgraded lightweight, hardened, and wear-resistant carbon fiber rods to their new printer. Weighing just 600g, reduced from 1600g, and 6-12 times stronger than steel, these rods reduce the burden on the sports frame.

QIDI has also upgraded extruder flow rate to enable high-quality ultra-fast printing with its new offering, developing an extruder that is steadier, stronger and faster than its predecessors. Featuring a hardened steel gear with a ratio of a 9.5:1, this new high velocity extruder provides a strong and stable flow supply for steadier, stronger, and faster extrusion.

Designed with rounded ceramic, the QIDI extruder nozzle heats up from 20℃ to 220℃ in just 30 seconds, reaching a maximum temperature of 350℃.

Two new hotends are available for QIDI’s new printer. The new copper alloy nozzle offers better thermal conductivity than ordinary brass, enabling smoother and more durable printing of ABS, PLA and PEG. QIDI’s hardened steel nozzle offers a longer life span, and can easily print high-performance materials to a high standard with precision.

Additionally, the SMART3 has excellent upgradable potential. The user can add more function modules to the machine to achieve more powerful 3D printing performance. The SMART3 is the benchmark for CoreXY hyper-speed FDM printers under $500, making it a superb option for ultra-fast high-quality 3D printing on a budget.

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